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Who we are

our pastor:
Beth Tim_edited.jpg
Tim Mawson

Tim joined the church as pastor in October 2010 with his wife Beth. 

John Noyes Memorial Plaque

Laxfield was founded in Saxon times as it is known that an early church was there and the village itself appears in the Domesday Book. In 1557, Laxfield resident, John Noyes, a Shoemaker, was condemned to die because of his religious beliefs. He was sentenced in Eye and taken back to Laxfield to be burnt at the stake. Villagers did not agree with the sentence and put out their fires in the hope that there would be nothing to light the wood with, but someone forgot to put out their fire completely and so the fire was lit. John Noyes' last words were placed on a stone plaque on the front of the Baptist chapel, pictured below. 

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